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Hey everyone! I have posted here in forever? But i've been commenting on a lot of comms so it's not like i'm gone or anything :|a

anyway, so I'm almost done with school. Just the rest of this quarter and two more to go, and I'll be officially a college graduate. with a completely useless piece of paper. but the experience i'm getting here certainly isn't useless, so i think it's all been worth it!

I've been helping out with some senior films, I'm doing layouts for one 2D animated short (and I also did, like, 14 storyboards for a 5-second bit of it that needed to be fixed lol), and storyboards for two 3D animated shorts. One of them I'm working with two other people, the other I'm pretty much on my own for at the moment, lol. I might also do some texturing later down the line. We'll see!

Basically I'm trying to fill out my resume so I can apply to some studios! I'm aiming for one of the big 3... but honestly, I want to work at Dreamworks the most! A rep from their outreach program came here the other day and it was SO AWESOME. they even showed some concept art for Legend of the Guardians that I hadn't seen before, and some footage of the dragons puppets from the How To Train Your Dragon stage show. SO COOL.

I figure it'll be a tought competition to get in there, but not nearly as tough as it is for Disney and Pixar. Though that'll probably change soon lol :P

Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun on films and in my classes, especially "The Pitch", where I'm developing an animated series. I'm so busy lately I have no time for any personal work at all :( Oh well.
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